Dr. Newsome's Awesome Sauce

Hot Sauce

Hello, I'm Dr. Newsome. Thank You for visiting my "Hot Sauce" page. I originally made this hot sauce in 1994 as a gift to friends and family. Many were pleased with the flavor and hotness of this custom blended hot sauce and encouraged me to make it available to the public. This special offering is a result of that request.

The Habanero Peppers and Garlic used for this sauce are grown organically in my home garden. The peppers are handpicked and carefully inspected by me. Other ingredients are specially selected and examined accordingly. The result is a delicious sauce with bold flavor and is very hot.

To make an excellent dipping sauce for fried fish mix 5-7 drops of the sauce with 1 tablespoon of ketchup. It also adds flavor and spice to other meats and vegetables.

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Hot. Organic. Awesome.